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Hey there, welcome to my page, this is where Techno Trax makes it's home.  Come on in, as my mixes will surely make you happy.


To take a look at my current songs, go to the Exhibitions page, where I will post them up as well as any news about performances when I get to have some.


To contact me, go to the About Me page, or leave a message in the Contact page.


Also, please feel free to download mixes shown in the Exhibitions page, and thanks much for visiting.


I will try to upload new songs as soon as they are out, so stay tuned!  Please enjoy the music I play for you, my loyal fans. 


This site is now migrating to NEWGROUNDS links for downloads and instant listen.  This is due to file storage limitations that keep me from listing all of my music at once.

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You can also reach me through google voice!

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